Rental Fulfillment Technician - Lincoln, NE

We are seeking an independent, hard-working, positive person with great character to join our team as a Rental Fulfillment Technician. Rental Fulfillment Technicians deliver and service our luxury portable restrooms to create a fantastic customer experience. You must have one or less tickets in the previous 3 years and have no history of drug or alcohol abuse. Our peak season is May-October with more hours required during large events like Cattlemen’s Ball (1st Weekend of June), PGA Tour (July 19th – 22nd) and college football season. Our offseason (November-April) will be more focused on fulfilling long-term rentals and getting equipment ready for the next season.


Position Type: Full Time 


Start Date: Beginning of 2020

Salary Range:

·         $17/hour – Shop Work

·         $20/hour – Rental Fulfillment Work

·         $25/hour – After Hours Work

**Hourly raises on a yearly basis


Roles and Responsibilities

·         Rental Fulfillment Work:

o    Load, unload, and strap down portable toilets (approx. 215 lbs.)

o    Navigate and drive to locations for rentals

o    Clean and restock the inside and outside of restroom trailers and portable toilets

o    Make repairs to trucks, restroom trailers, and portable toilets

o    Interact positively with customers to coordinate and fulfill rentals 


Qualifications and Requirements:

·         Ability to drive and back up large trucks (including a manual) with large trailers attached

·         Ability to safely work on, and scale, flatbed truck beds

·         Must have CDL (Commercial Drivers Liscense) or be able to get it within 2 months of accepting position

·         Must be able to maintain CDL

·         Ability to think on your feet and problem solve quickly with the tools you have available

·         Experience working on vehicles and general mechanics

·         Experience working on plumbing

·         Ability to navigate using Google Maps and make business calls on your phone

·         Ability to work on a team

·         Ability to lift 100 pounds



Please email your resume and cover letter describing why you’d be a good fit for this role to Grant Stahla at